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Subject: Excerpt Of History
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 17:54:17 EDT

Bordeaux, France April 26, 1828
"Spanish painter Francisco de Goya, 82, died following a stroke. Prior to a
mysterious illness at 46, Goya had been a conventional artist with a penchant
for quaint subjects. The illness, which left him chronically depressed, deaf,
and partially blind, wrought a massive change in his art. It became emotionally
charged, original, and of such power that it still seems fresh. His work was
so magical that even his famed nude Maja series withstood the Inquisition,
which thought it obscene. Modern medical authorities suspect that Goya's illness
may have been a rare virus or the consequences of his exposure to toxic metals
in his paints.
Goya was buried in the Cemetery of the Chartreuse, in Bordeaux. Seventy-one
years later, when his bones were moved to the Church of San Antonio de la
Florida in Madrid, his movers discovered that Goya's friend Martin Goscoechea had
been buried in the same tomb. It was impossible to tell whose bones were whose,
and, curiously, only one skull was present. The movers decided to transfer
all the remains, and Goya, entombed in a sarcophagus beneath frescoes he had
himself painted, retains his roomie."

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