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Subject: Excerpt Of History
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 12:41:11 EDT

"Champlain gives ample details of the manners and customs of the Indians,
especially of their superstitions. The Indians believed that a God existed who
was creator of all things, but they had a curious manner of explaining the
creation of man. "When God had made everything," they said, " He took a quantity of
arrows and fixed them in the earth, whence came man and women, who have
increased ever since." The sagamo said they believed in the existence of a God, a
son, a mother and a sun, that God was the greatest of the four, that the son
and the sun were both good, that the mother was a lesser person, and so was the
father, who was less bad.
The Indians were convinced that their deity had held communication with their
ancestors. One day five Indians ran towards the setting sun where they met
God, who asked them, "Where are you going?" "We are going to seek our life,"
they replied. Then God said, " You will find it here." But they did not hear the
divine word, and went away. Then God took a stone and touched two of them,
and they were immediately turned into stones. Addressing the three other
Indians, God asked the same question, "Where are you going?" and He was given the
same answer. "Do not go further," said the divine voice, "You will find your life
here." Seeing nothing, however, they continued their journey. Then God took
two sticks and touched two of them, and they at once turned into sticks. The
fifth Indian, however, paused, and God gave him some meat, which he ate, and
afterwards returned to his countrymen."

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