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Subject: Excerpt Of History
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 07:37:51 EDT


"Under this marble fair
Lies the body entomb'd of Gervase Aire
He dyd not of an ague fit
Not surfeited by to much wit
Methinks this was a wondrous death
That Aire should die for want of breath"

" Came in
Looked about
Didn't like it
Went out"
" Beneath this stone
Our baby lays
He neither cries
Nor hollers
He lived just one
And twenty days
And cost us forty dollars"
" Molly, tho pleasant in her day
Was suddenly seized and sent away
How soon she's ripe,how soon she's rotten
Laid in the grave and soon forgotten" 1792
" Poor John Thomas
Here he lies
No one laughs
No one cries
Where he's gone
And how he fares
No one knows
And no one cares"
" Here lies Robert Trollope
Who made yon stones roll up
When death look his soul up
His body filled this hole up"

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