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From: Paul Keroack <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Re: Young child as Parrain?
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 15:04:29 -0700 (PDT)
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In relation to the question of age of a sponsor at baptism - I was 12 when chosen as a sponsor at my infant brother's baptism. The other sponsor was an adult woman. This was 47 years ago. Fortunately, with no particular help from me, he is now a responsible, happily married father of two teen age children.

Paul Keroack


In a message dated 7/18/2004 4:17:00 PM Eastern Standard Time,
Correct me, if I am wrong, Father Taggert, but isn't only one godparent
required for baptism? Having said that, I can verify that I have seen a
as young as six, and, only this last week, a godmother who was 10. In both
cases, the other godparent was an adult ...

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