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Subject: Excerpt Of History
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 09:21:10 EDT

"The names Inuit and Eskimo refer to the same people, however the former is
preferred. Eskimo is an Algonquin word translated roughly as "eaters of raw
meat." Its use is considered both derogatory and a misnomer as the Inuit cook
their fish and game. The word Inuit means "the people."
"The Thule were the ancestors of today's Inuit people. They came to Canada
approximately 1,000 years ago, and over the proceeding century spread across the
north into Greenland."
"The reason the First Nations are called Indians, is because, when
Christopher Columbus first came upon North American land, he believed he had achieved
his goal of discovering a new route to the Orient. He thought that the people he
encountered were from India."
"Several legends handed down over the centuries detail trade with Vikings.
While it is known that the Norse explored Labrador and Baffin Island, recent
evidence indicates that they traveled as far north as Ellesmere Island."

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