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Subject: Excerpt Of History
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 12:44:19 EDT

Letters from Boston..........
June 21, 1763
"Letters are just come to hand from Niagara, dated the 15th, by which we
learn that Detroit was invested the 7th of May by the Windoits, Cattawaba, and
other tribes. Mr. Fisher and his wife, were both taken by them and were hanged,
Capt. Roberson and Sir Robert Davis are killed, Capt. Campbell and Lieut.
McDougale,who went out to treat with them, were both carried off. Major Gladwin,
who commands the fort was determined not to deliver it up."

(This is left exactly the way it was originally written)

June 22, 1763
"This day the 17th Regiment, and Maj. Rogers with part of the Rangers,
marched to reinforce the upper posts and every thing here wears the appearance of
war again, which I fear will end in a general rupture among the Southeastern

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