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From: Doris M Wienke <>
Subject: Re: QUEBEC-RESEARCH-D Digest V04 #367
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 17:38:02 -0700

Hi Pauline,
So good to hear from you and hope we do get together
soon.. We still have the annual get together at Papa
Joes' every Aug the 2nd Fri and this year it will be at
7 PM. Next year we hope to have our 55th the same
weekend of the picnic and CanalFest...
Things are going good here. I now live in one of the
bungalows on Courtside near Spruce School and
love it.. No stairs and all on the one floor..
They have sold the projects and are renovating them
starting in July and they will move me out and redo
and then move me back.. Will be great and it will
be so much nicer too..
My kids are all well but no great grandchildren and
none of the grandchildren married as yet. Roger's
stepdaughter gets married next July but she will be
the first.. Have 12 counting the 2 step grandkids..
Penny lives in Seattle and has 3 younger ones so I
visit there either Easter or Christmas to enjoy them as
they grow up so fast . the ones here are 17 next month
up to 27years old..
A couple are still in college and Jess the youngest is
graduating next June so that will be all of them out of
school here..
Becky and Keith are divorced and not remarried but
Rog remarried and has two step children and has
two boys of his own.. Keith has 2 girls, Becky no kids,
Deb has 3 girls and Penny has 2 boys and a girl..
hers are 14, 12, and 9 years old...
She and BEcky both live in Seattle..
Since our last reunion in 2000 we have lost a few classmates
but not many so far at least..
James Bingert in 2001Loretta Soos Meisenburg 2003
Zigmund Lachacz in 2000Chet Galas 2003
Dennis Goerss 2001Delores Giardino 2003
Robert Schroeder 2001Louise Fonzi DeFrancesco 2001
Clarence Maerten 2001Laurice Padwa Alwan 2003

and Donald Ackerman 2002 (he didn't graduate but was married
to Tootie Wurl as I am sure you remember..
Keep in touch..
Take care and God Bless

On Thu, 3 Jun 2004 12:50:43 -0600

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