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Subject: Excerpt Of History
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 17:52:05 EDT

"Most famous of the white captives in the land of the Senecas was Mary
Jemison, "The White Woman of the Genesee"(N.Y.).
She was 16, a shapely lass with golden curls and eyes of Irish blue when in
1758 a mixed band of Indians and Frenchmen raided the Jemison home, in
Western Pennsylvania, butchered her parents and led her away into bondage.
The Indians were kind to her. They replaced her tattered dress with Indian
garb and put moccasins on her tiny feet. At Fort Pitt Mary was given to two
Seneca sisters who had lost a brother in battle.
Gradually she began to forget the ways of her own people and to live in the
Indian fashion. But she never completely mastered the Indian language. Her
captors would not allow her to speak English but, as she recalled in her old
age, she repeated to herself the prayers her mother had taught her and never
forgot her own language.
Mary married a young Delaware and he was brave and kind. A boy was born to
them, fair skinned like his mother.
With that papoose strapped on her back the young wife walked 300 miles from
Ohio country to a new home on the Genesee River called Little Beards Town.
Three tribesman accompanied her. They slept on the ground under the stars
wherever night overtook them. The baby was only nine months old. Mary's husband was
to join her on the Genesee but soon word came that he was dead."
Note.........this is really a long story and a great one. I've read four
different books on Mary Jemison, so if you want the whole story check under her
name Mary Jemison or " The White Woman of the Genesee" which is the title of one
of the books. This is the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

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