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Subject: Re: PRDH Problem
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 06:36:18 EDT

I would like to strongly support Bertrand Desjardins' message.

As one who has tackled the original records as they exist on microfilm, I
fully understand the difficulties of, first, reading the record accurately, and,
second, transcribing it accurately into a secondary source index. Every time a
record is copied, errors can easily be created, as evidenced even on this
mail list. I also know that even the original records may contain errors, not to
mention the "guesses" secondary source authors have made in the past.

PRDH is a marvelous resource. I thank Mr. Desjardins and all of those unknown
readers associated with the project since the 1960s. The final authority on a
genealogy, though, never resides in a secondary source but is somewhere in
the careful examination of the primary sources that have survived. And in some
cases, we'll never know the whole truth.

Those of you working only from the secondary source indexes have no idea of
the challenges awaiting you, challenges PRDH has met head-on, and which it is
willing to modify if proof is presented.

Suzanne Boivin Sommerville
Michigan, USA

In a message dated 4/12/2004 5:22:53 PM Eastern Standard Time,
writes: [snipped to save the data base]
I would argue the best thing to do when one finds a mistake is not to cry
wolf and issue a warning the PRDH is being the cause of bad data, but to
write it in to us, so we can make the correction, to the benefit of
everyone. This said, I recognize our mistake and...I do believe there are
not many of them around!

[Comments wanted.]

You got them! Please note I appreciate people working seriously at geneal=
and as the years go by, the information will keep getting nearer to
perfection...if such a level exists!!

The best to you all,

Prog. de recherche en d=E9mographie historique

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