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Subject: [Q-R] Excerpt Of History
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 20:41:48 EST

"Bound from Liverpool to New York in 1863, the ship City of Limerick ran
into a fierce North Atlantic storm. It raged for more then a week, and at home
fears grew for the lives of those on board.
At last the storm began to abate, and Mr. Wilmot, one of the passengers,
was able to enjoy a nights sleep. He dreamed that he saw his wife, wearing her
nightclothes, entering his stateroom. She hesitated at first when she realized
that it was a shared cabin and that another man was staring at her from the
bunk set above and slightly back from her husbands. Then she went to her
husbands bedside, kissed him, and left quietly.
Wilmot awoke to find a man above staring down at him. The man, Mr. Tait,
was shocked that Wilmot should have a lady visit him in such a way. He described
Mrs. Wilmots actions as they had occurred in Wilmots dream.
When Wilmot eventually arrived home, his wife surprised him by asking if
he'd had a visit from her the week before. She described how at the height of
her anxiety, at four o'clock one morning, she had felt she was going out to find
She had crossed the dark, heaving sea and come to a steamship. Going
aboard, she walked down below decks at the stern of the ship and found her husbands
"Tell me," she asked him, " do they ever have staterooms like the one I
saw, where the upper berth extends farther back from the lower one? A man was in
the upper berth, looking right at me, and for a moment I was afraid to go in,
but soon I went up to the side of your berth, bent down and kissed you, and
embraced you, and then went away."

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