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If I may add my comments...I was told many times, this expression is coming
effectively from the ¨voyageur¨ who was travelling using canoes. So if they
were paddling upstream they were going ¨up to¨ or ¨ monter en haut¨ and if
they were paddling with the downstream current they were going ¨ down to¨ ¨
descendre à¨.

So one would say ¨ descendre à Québec¨ (from Montreal) and ¨monter à
Montréal¨ from Quebec city.


AU revoir

Florent Coache

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> My grandparents would say "monter au Québec"
> and "descendre aux États".
> Fr. Owen Taggart

Actually, my Gaelic relations would say "up to Quebec", and "down to the
States", my Québecois forebrears would say "decendre au Québec", "monter aux

Sometimes it's hard to know which way is up! ; - D

Fr. Owen Taggart

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