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Subject: Re: [Q-R] am I correct?
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 10:17:20 EST

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> If you want to see the action of the water in the Great Lakes that
> eventually
> makes its way _down_ to the sea via the Saint Lawrence River, stand at
> Niagara Falls.
> We in the modern age of maps with North and South marked up and down may
> have
> a difficult time reading that the voyageurs paddled _up_ to Detroit or
> Michilimackinac and _down_ to Montreal and, from Montreal, down to Quebec.
> At least,
> I did at first.
> Suzanne

Dave, your ancestors from Coutances would look at their world from the same
perspective. The Seine has its sources in Bourgogne, and flows northwesterly
through Champagne, Ile-de-France to Paris, and thence through "Haute Normandie"
to "Basse Normandie" and the Channel. "Upriver" is toward the Burgundian
hills, "downriver", toward the sea, My grandparents would say "monter au Québec"
and "descendre aux États".

Fr. Owen Taggart

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