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Subject: [Q-R] Excerpt Of History
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 19:00:16 EST

"Both the English and French argue that Mother Goose, the person and the
rhymes, are theirs. Nevertheless, the Americans have a dandy candidate of their
own, Elizabeth Foster, who at the age of twenty-seven married Isaac Goose of
Boston. This gander came with ten goslings from a previous marriage. Elizabeth
took on the instant family, and began her own, producing six babies, four of
whom lived past childhood.
In time, her own daughter Elizabeth Goose married a printer named Tom
Fleet, a creative lad who was also procreative. Eventually the thunder of tiny feet
competed with the clatter of the printing press. Liz the younger would have
gone bonkers if it hadn't been for her mom, whose baby-sitting talents included
the ability to recite and sing thousands of nursery rhymes. Some of them
supposedly got published by Tom Fleet in 1719 as Mother Goose's Melodies, ten
years before any Mother Goose rhymes hit print in England."

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