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From: Teresa Saj <>
Subject: [Q-R] Happy Holidays!!
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 04:31:49 -0800 (PST)

I wanted to wish everyone in my immediate family in Buffalo and Tonawanda, NY, and my long-distance discovered cousins from Ontario, Quebec, Ogdensburg, Florida, California, Maryland....and all over the United States a very happy holiday from my humble abode in Western NY State!!!

I hope the New Year brings pieces of the puzzles for all of my fellow genealogy researchers out there....thanks to everyone here I have not only learned how to research but you have all played a little (and sometimes a huge part) in finding my ancestors and for that I am forever grateful. In just the last year I have gone back 16 generations of my tree in some lines. Thanks to my mother Sharon, my sister Anna, and my cousin Carla for not rolling your eyes and walking out of the room when I start rambling about my family tree research. Thanks to my daughter Angie and my husband Joe for allowing me to be a genealogy addict and not yelling at me about burning dinner because I was on the computer! Jim Bertrand, Art Bordine, and Bill Fleming, you guys are saints for providing your Ogdensburg and Quebec records and time to people who would be forever stuck without them. Jim and Art I would never be where I am without your Notre Dame work. Bill F. you are The Best with Quebec. Russ!
for your patience with research. To my fellow Cutway Family researchers...Laurine (who we are lucky to have in Ogdensburg), Nancy (our buddy in Canada), Judith (who makes beautiful cookies as well as trees), Pam (my brick wall buddy), Victoria, Bill Hull, I don't know what we would do without each Philippe Dupuis for your advice and experience on the Dupuis Family line....Raymond Seguin for your generous contributions and record-keeping skills on the Seguin Laderoute branches of my tree....Kristin for your unending pursuit of these elusive St. Onge Black Sheep Genealogy list....thank you for creating a place where we can bring our skeletons out of the closet and shake the nuts on our family the whole Quebec research group and the St. Lawrence group for all the help you give people who aren't fortunate enough to have access to records!!!

Genealogy is the one hobby you can never grow bored with because there is always a new branch to work on!!! Everyone here has given me the inspiration to not give up on my brick walls and I know that some day it will all make sense as to why we have these puzzles.

I would like to propose a toast to all of our ancestors and living family members for whom we would not be here without their contributions to us, no matter how great or small!

For those of you getting this email in my family who aren't researching your family tree, well you know my door is always open for research because I am a genealogy addict!

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!! I am going to cook for tonight!!!

Teresa Saj
Beautiful Lake Erie, NY

Searching the St. Onge, LeBoeuf, Seguin Laderoute, Chatigny, Cutway, Schwartfigure, Garno, Gadbaw, LaPlant and a hundred other families of St. Lawrence, NY, Ontario, and southwestern Quebec!!!!!

Teresa L. Saj, BSN, RN
IBS Society of Genealogists

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