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From: "Richard Graveline" <>
Subject: [Q-R] Moscow, Canada East abt 1830
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2003 19:27:32 -0500
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I feel like I am part of a quiz show when it comes to answers about Moscow, Canada East. I
suspect that a couple of the answers did not take the time line into effect. I submit the
as an explanation to where Moscow was/is. It was datelined from Montreal March 23, 1879 and
written by "S. M.". I have no clue who "S.M." is. All I have is a copy of the newpaper

"..., according to a statement in the Journal of March 15, was born on the banks of Black
River, fifteen miles from Mosco, Canada. I know well the position of the place, though was
never at the precise spot. La Riviere Noire - Black River - empties into the Yamaska at St Pie,
about eight miles above St Hyacinth, which stands on the banks of the latter river. The place
he calls Mosco is none other than St Hyacinth, which was often called, thirty years ago by
people in the vicinity, Maska, - contraction from Yamaska and corrupted by English speaking
people into Mosco...".

Of course the writer of the original query should try the other suggestions but I do believe
that the above holds the answer to the original query.

richard graveline

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> Subject: [Q-R] GUIOT, GUINOT, GUILLOT, Moscow, Canada East abt 1830
> > Do any listers have any information about Victoria GUIOT (var. GUINOT,
> > GUILLOT, etc.), born in Moscow, Canada East? She was married 11/21/1853 in
> > Charlotte, Vt to Louis SEARS (var. Cyr) and died before 1876. From her
> > marriage date, I guess she would have been born abt. 1829-1833. She was of
> > childbearing age when she died, her last child was born in 1875.

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