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From: "Unclefred" <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] (OT) Re Obits
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 11:38:01 -0400
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And the answer depends, the OBIT I wrote for my dad in 1999, and
PAID $100.00
to have published in the paper (Incorrectly, and it was reprinted
correctly the next day),
is and was MINE. By paying to have it published, I expressed a desire to
make it available to the world, and so it was...I cannot imagine any
other reason for a grieving family to publish this kind of information,
except to make it available to widespread family and friends...
That's us..I would expect NO ONE does this in order to increase the
bottom line for the newspaper. I would expect many of these OBITS are
generated from family info given to funeral parlors..Who owns the
information? Family, funeral home, newspaper? In MOST cases the paper
has NO intellectual rights, they did NOTHING but print a copy of what
was handed them, no creative act at all was performed..By US copyright
law, they own NOTHING that they did not create..The issue then is the
family or the funeral home? Want to tackle that one?

Regards, Uncle
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Subject: Re: [Q-R] (OT) Re Obits

> In other words, Gary, if someone copies an obituary
> from one of these sources and posts it to a list, thus
> stealing potential revenue from the newspaper's obit
> site, are they not in violation of the copyright at that
> point?

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