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Subject: [Q-R] Excerpt of History
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 20:01:51 EDT

..........." The 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials, which condemned to death
twenty local townsfolk, are more than a disgraceful footnote in American history.
The so called witches of Salem, nineteen of whom hanged, and
eighty-two year old Giles Corey, who was crushed to death under a multi ton pile
of rocks, had no sense of their immortal contribution to American freedom, yet
today we might look on them as martyrs. The golden age of witch hunting
lasted between 1620-1725.
Puritanism would get you flogged on Monday after smiling in
church on Sunday.
Puritanism is as dead in America as dunking stools, white ruffled collars and
wooden pillories in the town squares.
As for Giles Corey who's old naked body was squeezed to death in
order to get a confession out of him, but he stayed silent. If an accused pled
not guilty, he was hanged, if he pled guilty, he was eventually hanged
anyway. Not a great choice. At the end, the evil sheriff Corwin stood on the pile
of stones crushing Corey and yelled" Do You Confess"? Corey croaked out" Damn
you sheriff, I curse you and all of Salem"
Its claimed every sheriff since evil sheriff Corwin, has suffered
in some way of the curse of Giles Corey. Its recorded every sheriff has died
of a heart attack or severe heart problems since Corwins time.
For over 200 years the a ghastly creature, all bones and tattered
rags has been seen in and near the Howard Street Burying Ground of Salem
where Giles Corey was buried."................

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