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From: "Luann" <>
Subject: [Q-R] REF: characteristic trait of all genealogists
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 12:12:29 -0700

I'm pretty new at this & even so have piles, boxes, notes, pix,
BUT am *trying* to not lose info thru carelessness. Hope I'll succeed!
Am trying to note sources RIGHT on my printout copies. My computer is
getting SO FULL I'll probably have to store to disc. HORRORS, more stuff
piling up.
I have a cousin who PRINTS out all of her computer & online info that she
finds....she uses binders. She's NOT caught up either!

The chase is more fun than the filing!!

From: Tanglewood

I second that motion ! Thank God * Now I know
I'm not >> " over board " I too have binders -
boxes - paper files - computer mass over load-
mounds of genealogy charts- photo's - documents -
And the all present attitude " Do Not Touch " !!
Every once in a while- I have to stop and reorganize
or else I just keep piling one item after another. Does
any one , have those scraps of paper > with notes jotted
down on them ? You know the ones you let go for so long-
you can not remember what it is suppose to mean ? But,
oh no- do not throw it away * as you are sure you will
come to your senses and figure it out - sooner or latter !
WOW * I feel much better > knowing I'm not a
crazy person after all.

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