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Subject: Re: [Q-R] PRDH
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 00:28:57 EDT

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> Now I have a question for the experts out there. Do
> we think PRDH is fairly truthful, accurate? I tend to believe it since the
> info is from church records. I just noticed from a couple of names I
> already
> had, that PRDH had them listed just a little differently. I think I would
> tend to go along with PRDH. What are your opinions?

Without wanting to sound like a commercial endorsement of PRDH, but finding
it impossible to avoid that impression: PRDH has done a valiant effort to
locate and collate all available church and civil records relating to
individuals who were born, married, died, were ennumerated in census, were
witnesses to baptisms or weddings or otherwise appeared in the records of
vital events (marriages, baptisms, burials) in Quebec between the foundation
of the colony and 1800.

They aren't perfect, because parish priests and county clerks sometimes get
confused, and record the wrong name. But by and large, they are one heck of
a lot more trustworthy that Monseigneur Tanguay, who has a tendency to guess
at what he doesn't know for sure --- and to guess wrong!

Fr. Owen Taggart

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