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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Need help with Dionne family genealogy
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 15:38:21 EDT

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> Marcel Dionne &Francoise Dubé
> Antoine Dionne &Marie-Louise Caron (Ancestor of the Dionne quints)
> Antoine Dionne &Marie-Anne Lizotte
> Jean Dionne &Charlotte Mignot
> Antoine Dionne &Catherine Ivory (came to canada about 1664)

1. Antoine Dionne and Catherine Ivory came from an unspecified location in
France. Their eldest son André, born about 1661, emigrated with them to

2. Jean Dionne (Antoine & Catherine) was born at Sainte-Famille, Isle
d'Orléans on March 8, 1670. He married Marie-Charlotte Migneault-Châtillon
(Jean & Louise-Marie Cloutier) at Château-Richer on August 2, 1694. He died
at La Pocatière on August 17, 1752.

3. Antoine Dionne (Jean & Charlotte) was born at Rivière-Ouelle on January
3, 1707. He married Marie-Anne Lizotte ((Joseph & Marie-Françoise Dancosse)
at La Pocatière on June 6, 1734.

4. Antoine Dionne (Antoine & Marie-Anne) was born at La Pocatière on
December 25, 1738. He married Marie-Louise Caron (Louis & Marie-Françoise
Gagnon) at St-Roch des Aulnaies, L'Islet, on February 2, 1763.

5. Marcel Dionne (Antoine & Marie-Louise) married Marie-Françoise Dubé
(Maurice & Marie-Anne Plourde) at St-Roch des Aulnaies on January 7, 1794.

This information based on my family file, verified in PRDH. There is no
connection between the family of Antoine Dionne & Catherine Ivory and the
family of Jean Guyon and Mathurine Robin, except by marriage.

Fr. Owen Taggart

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