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From: "Szelog, Mike" <>
Subject: RE: [Q-R] A question re: swear words
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 12:30:55 -0500

Hi Kay,

Since the Lord's Name should not be taken in vain, the use of other
holy/sacred objects as swear words is somewhat common-place in French.
"Tabernac!" - Tabernacle! for example. It's sort of the idea of, if you
can't use the Lord's name, use something else that's considered holy/sacred
associated with God/The Lord. That I know of, this seems to be a "French

Mike S

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Subject: [Q-R] A question re: swear words

This is a weird question, I know, but it has come up on a list of friends
that I am on. Since Ken is at school, I thought maybe my Q-R friends could
confirm/deny whether this is true.

Ken's mother used many swear words of a religious nature. I only remember
"Sacre Coeur!" But Ken told me there are many more. Is this true? Was it her
patois (or joual)-she really had a strong one, from what he says-or does the
general public in Quebec use swear words with religious connotations? If so,
are you willing to give me some examples?

I am challenging French 1 and Ken says, if I get higher than 80, he will put
me in French 2 (here at home, of course). Our week of trying to speak all
French collapsed in a heap of laughter in just three days. Wouldn't you
think that, in nearly 32 years of marriage to a guy from Montreal and 5
years of high school and college French, I'd be fluent? He says I have "lazy
lips"-I just get too embarrassed having to make all the facial expressions
necessary for the bilabial fricatives, voiced uvular trills, etc. (I drilled
him on all of these when he took Linguistics many years ago-and yes, there
was much laughter.) BTW, Google has "uvular" spelled as "uvualar" on a site
on "places of articulation". Being a total spelling freak, albeit a
duodigital typist with occasional missed typos, I could not help but chuckle
at that!

Merci beaucoup, calins et bijoux, mes amies,

Kay, bound and determined to learn French!

"Gross Ignorance: 144 times worse than ordinary ignorance." - Anonymous

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