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From: "Denyse T" <>
Subject: [Q-R] Re: Language question from husband
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 01:13:11 -0500

Hi Kay,
One of the ways my husband found to help him learn "the subtleties" of
the language was to listen to French TV or Radio. I am not sure you can
get it there but if you can do try it!! You don't have to understand
the words but it will give you the "day to day" sound or flow of the
language. He would ask me a lot of what's this word or that one etc....
But mostly he learned the musical flow of our lovely language. That is,
he learned to decipher the feelings like anger, laughter, passion. He
could feel all of these from a person reporting the news. Another
thing that he could distinguish after listening to different people is
the if their French was from France, Qu├ębec or Ontario ... He is not
alone in this other people have stated that this technique helped them
all to learn French ........ Mind you it takes more than that to learn
a language but my husband (an American) feels a little more in the loop
when my family goes off on a French tangent and we forget he doesn't
understand us!! LOL

Good luck to you
Bonne chance

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