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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Language question from husband
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2003 16:39:36 -0800
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Hi Kay - here are a couple of sites that may be of interest to you. As far
as I know, joual is slang ... do they talk English in Brooklyn? Whereas
patois is a regional dialect which can be in Quebec or Jamaica or
Louisianna. linguistiques-2812001-24551.html


Doreen O'

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Subject: [Q-R] Language question from husband

> My husband was just reading an article in the Modern Language Association
> Journal about the dialect in Montreal, which is called "joual". Having
> trained in French in the US by French professors from France, he thought
> was called "patois". His professor callled him "Mssr. l'Anglicisme"
> he was attempting to make Ken's French more standard French. Last New
> Year's, he overheard, in a restaurant, a young man trying to make a date
> with the female waitress in joual, which came back to him upon hearing it
> again. So his question is: "What exactly *is* the difference between joual
> and patois?
> My French is progressing! We thought we would spend the week speaking
> here at home, but it only lasted three days because we wound up laughing
> much. But I can now say, "J'ai un the' citron froid", which I am sure will
> come in quite handy if we ever get to Montreal. He is going to install a
> program for me so I can study on the computer. It is the facial
> and grunts that I have the most trouble with, but he has had linguistics,
> he can tell me exactly the position that one's tongue and teeth should be
> in-but it is still humourous to moi, une Americaine.
> Calins et bijoux, my Q-R jewels of friends.
> Kay
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