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From: "Gerry Bourguignon" <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] In search of Joseph and Appoline
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 07:32:24 -0500
References: <008d01c2a7c5$456e2f00$3c0112ac@gerrynt4>

<< ... I can check Ste-Scholastique and possibly other resources for you on
Saturday. >>

I checked the Ste-Scholastique repertoire, as well as St-Benoit,
St-Eustache, and the Deux-Montagnes County book. I also checked the
Loiselle Index as well as the Argenteuil County repertoire and a few other
books here and there. I wasn't at the branch that has the Drouin
microfiches, so I couldn't check those. However, your initial post appears
to suggest that many of these resources have already been checked.

Wish I had better news.

Best of luck,

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