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From: "Gerry Bourguignon" <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] In search of Joseph and Appoline
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 20:15:23 -0500
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<< I want to thank everyone who has responded to me on the list and
re: my request for a reference for the Deux Montagnes area. ...
Although several people are sure that Lalande is not a Brazeau dit name ...

I'm glad that you got a good response. I checked my 2 Argenteuil county
marriage books (St-André and St-Philippe), but did not see your couple
listed. Argenteuil county is right next door to Deux Montagnes. And I will
check the Ste-Scholastique repertoire when I'm at the library on Saturday,
unless you get your answer before then.

I wanted to say something about dit names though. Neither Lalonde or
Lalande is a nickname or dit name that's used in combination with Brazeau.
Not according to the PRDH web site's list of family name-nickname
associations, but that really just covers the period from 1621-1799. As it
also says on the PRDH web site, some dit names were introduced by the
immigrant, while some were introduced by the descendants. They go on to
say, basically, that there are no rules when it comes to these nicknames,
and that it's a "real hodge-podge". I can give you a recent example from my
own experience.

If you check the PRDH web site, or probably just about anywhere else on the
web, you will probably discover that Benoit doesn't appear to be a dit name
for Vaillancourt, nor is Vaillancourt a dit name for Benoit. However, I had
a marriage record where the wife's mother's surname was listed as Benoit.
When I went to look for her parent's marriage, I was looking for a
François-Xavier Kingsbury married to a Joséphine Benoit (and I was looking
in and around Pontiac county in this particular case). I did find an Xavier
Kingsbury married to a Joséphine Vaillancourt in a very small book for the
Ste-Cécile church in Masham. In the spouse index of that book there was a
surname heading for "Benoit/Vaillancourt". I later verified that this was
the correct couple using other records. So, you see, at least in that
particular area of Québec, at that particular time, there were families
around that did use Benoit as a dit name for Vaillancourt, and perhaps the
other way around as well.

Therefore, I would say that it's still possible that your Félix Brazeau used
Lalonde or Lalande as a dit name. In any case, hopefully one of us will
find that out before too long. I can check Ste-Scholastique and possibly
other resources for you on Saturday.

Best of luck.


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