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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Question: French Canadian or Quebecois?
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 13:20:00 -0700
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A Quebecois is a legal resident of Quebec and language or ethnic origin has
nothing to do with it... And you don't have to have been born in Quebec to
be a legal Quebecois! That's because Quebecois is not citizenship but a
place of residence. You don't even have to be a Canadian to be a
Quebecois... Just a legal resident. Language has nothing to do with it.

Even the Quebec government says that you lose your Quebecois status once you
no longer reside in the province. At the last Referendum the Province of
Quebec put a time period of 2 years --- those who had lived out of the
province for less than 2 years could vote. I had been out of province for
over 10 years at the time and had lost my Quebecois Status.
Since I don't have dual citizenship I am not a French-Canadian.
France has no idea what became of me and doesn't care.
I am "Canadien".

I was born in Ontario and now live in Alberta. Legally I am an Albertan.

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Subject: [Q-R] Question: French Canadian or Quebecois?

> Please could someone explain to me the difference between French Canadian
and Quebecois? I am not sure I am using the terms correctly.
> Merriam Webster says:
> ***French Canadian: one of the descendants of French settlers in Lower
> ***Quebecois: a native or inhabitant of Quebec; specifically : a
French-speaking native or inhabitant of Quebec
> My dad was Norwegian (Olsen) and Irish (McGreevy) and he grew up speaking
both French and English. He was raised in St. Anne's Ward in Montreal. He
had no French blood at all in his background.
> My husband is English/Welsh (and maybe a bit of French because Pearsall
*may* have come from Percivale) and English (Camden). He, too, grew up
speaking both French and English. He was raised in Ste. Hyacinthe. He had a
gggrandmother who was a Huron Indian.
> Both men were actually "French-speaking natives or inhabitants of Quebec".
> So what are they? I am confused!
> Thank you for any help you may have for me!
> Kay
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