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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Question: French Canadian or Quebecois?
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Welcome Home Fr. Taggart!
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> << Please could someone explain to me the difference between French
> and Quebecois? I am not sure I am using the terms correctly.
> Merriam Webster says:
> ***French Canadian: one of the descendants of French settlers in Lower
> Canada
> ***Quebecois: a native or inhabitant of Quebec; specifically : a
> French-speaking native or inhabitant of Quebec
> My dad was Norwegian (Olsen) and Irish (McGreevy) and he grew up speaking
> both French and English. He was raised in St. Anne's Ward in Montreal. He
> no French blood at all in his background.
> My husband is English/Welsh (and maybe a bit of French because Pearsall
> *may* have come from Percivale) and English (Camden). He, too, grew up
> speaking both French and English. He was raised in Ste. Hyacinthe. He had
> gggrandmother who was a Huron Indian.
> Both men were actually "French-speaking natives or inhabitants of
> So what are they? I am confused!
> Thank you for any help you may have for me!
> Kay >>
> Now, there's a good question to start with after my recent holiday. ;- )
> According to the dictionary, both your father and your husband are
> "Qubecois". Since they grew up in Montral and Ste-Hyacinthe,
> and speak both French and English, they are "French speaking natives of
> Qubec". But, neither of them is a "French Canadian", since they are
> "descendants of the French settlers in Qubec".
> My father's family came from County Kerry, and settled in Massachusetts
> during the second half of the 19th century. They are not a part of this
> picture. My mother's family came here from Qubec, her father's family
> Saint Isidore de Laprairie, her mother's from Saint Pie de Bagot, both on
> your husband's side of The River. But my ancestry includes the names
> Rodrigues from Portugal, Van den Dyk from Flanders, De Guise from
> Miville, from Switzerland, Haynes from Newburyport, (Massachusetts Bay
> - captured in an Indian raid), and Phelps from Connecticut (Loyalist
> All four of my mother's grandparents were "French speaking natives of
> Qubec", but their ancestry -- and most everyone else's -- is ethnically
> quite complex.
> There are other possible connotations, of course, besides the dictionary
> definitions. I know that some of my family members who live north of the
> Connecticut Lakes take offense if they are called "Canadien" rather then
> "Qubecois".
> This entire subject is fraught with "thin ice", and it is still very early
> the winter season.
> Tusen Tak! God Yul (when it comes).
> Fr Owen Taggart
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