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From: Sylvie Brucher <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Question: French Canadian or Quebecois?
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 12:05:43 -0500
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I understand your confusion, K!

In a nutshell, a Québécois is indeed a native or inhabitant of Quebec. A Québécois or Quebecker can talk any language s/he wants for as long as they were either born or live in Québec.

A French-Canadian is a bit more of an encompassing term, since its roots are as actual as historical. Before people were Quebeckers, they were Canadians, either French or English (Timeline being after England took Canada from France). The meanings of
French-Canadian, as we actual French-Canadians use them are :

1. 1) Today, any Canadian who's mother tongue is French (think of Manitoba or New Brunswick for example - many speak French only, without having been in Québec at all)
2. 2) historically, French-Canadians were the people who retained their language and culture after England took over from the French. Mainly the core of the population in Lower Canada. Also the poorest.
3. 3) was also used as a derogatory term, for non educated catholic Quebeckers - until around "La Révolution Tranquille". Sad, no?

I personally refer myself to being both.

Anyone else feel free to add to this list if needed!


kfrog wrote:

> Please could someone explain to me the difference between French Canadian and Quebecois? I am not sure I am using the terms correctly.
> Merriam Webster says:
> ***French Canadian: one of the descendants of French settlers in Lower Canada
> ***Quebecois: a native or inhabitant of Quebec; specifically : a French-speaking native or inhabitant of Quebec
> My dad was Norwegian (Olsen) and Irish (McGreevy) and he grew up speaking both French and English. He was raised in St. Anne's Ward in Montreal. He had no French blood at all in his background.
> My husband is English/Welsh (and maybe a bit of French because Pearsall *may* have come from Percivale) and English (Camden). He, too, grew up speaking both French and English. He was raised in Ste. Hyacinthe. He had a gggrandmother who was a Huron Indian.
> Both men were actually "French-speaking natives or inhabitants of Quebec".

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