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Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 12:11:07 -0800
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Thanks again Father Taggart.

The reason I am trying to find out where Chevrotiere is or was, is because
my husband's ancestor, Jacques Marcotte, (husband of Elisabeth Sale) was
noted as being "Seigneur de la Chevrotiere". I found this info on a
document on the web somewhere a few years ago, but due to computer crashes,
I no longer have the document that mentioned this. I know that the
Marcottes - Jacques and Nicolas - came from France and settled in Cap Sante
area. I believe they were also living around the area of Neuville,

Erin :)

La Chevrotiere is a family name and a place name. Unfortunately, the
Topography Website "Topos sur le Web", produced by the Quebec Government is
not working today. Putting "La Chevrotiere" in my search engine yields the
name of Annie de la Chevrotiere, a real estate broker in British Columbia,
Normand de la Chevrotiere, a member of a citizens group in conflict with a
power company in Ontario, and an article about the expulsion of the La
Chevrotiere squad of a Popular Action Committee in Quebec. Perhaps some
soul will tell us just where La Chevrotiere is.

Fr Owen Taggart

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