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Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 16:00:38 -0500
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Mister Taggart –

Too say I was surprised this afternoon when I opened your email regarding
my note re: translation on this message board is an understatement. It seems
I have affronted you and I don’t really know why. First I must say that I
don’t give a hoot if you do or do not mind my posting to the list. Usually I
don’t respond to character attacks such as yours but in this case I feel I
must for all us so called “uneducated” people out here. I also don’t like
using a message board for this purpose but seeing you did first, for this
time only, I will do likewise.
After thinking about what you have written for a few moments I became both
disappointed and saddened by your reply to my posting regarding the
translation of an item posted on the list. I find your attitude frankly
disgusting considering you being a man of the cloth. Unlike you, due to
certain circumstances, I am not fortunate to be fluent in French or Latin.
Sometimes I probably don’t got fluency in English also. But I always try. By
God’s grace you have been given the gift and opportunity of understanding
and working with more than one language. I truly wish I also had that
ability, but alas, I do not, like many others that subscribe to this list.
May I ask you a question? Do you not learn by trying and do you not gain
understanding by asking? Is there that much difference for a person asking
for a translation and for a person doing a translation and asking if it is
correct? That is why I sent my translation to the message board and not to
the person directly. In that way, if I did make a mistake then there would
be somebody (like you) out there that would correct it, and I would learn
from that mistake, right. Or should all the rest of us “uneducated” just sit
back and rely on you so called “experts” to do everything for us. Are we not
lucky that the world is not run by people like you, just think of where we
would be if it was. From what you have said, all us dummies out here should
not to try and assist anybody who poses a question unless we are experts in
that field, be it language or whatever. No, I am not always right in my
translations, but pray tell me, how are we too learn unless we try? I am
gaining in knowledge in this aspect of Genealogy and will continue to do so
the rest of my life, with a little help from my friends (and perhaps
I would like to assure that I am one of the regular posters of this list
that you talk about and for a few years I have enjoyed reading your postings
and respected your knowledge on both the language issue and also church
doctrine etc. I have used your data to assist me in helping to develop my
abilities to transcribe old church records. In these cases I have found your
abilities excellent. However, after reading your email to the list and me I
do now have questions on you being a Christian person, whom follows the true
teaching of the Lord. Perhaps you should curl up in a corner with the Good
Book and do some serious reading. Perhaps a few areas regarding “man’s ego”
would be appropriate. I’m sure you know where some are!!
Perhaps I have said too much and for this I apologize to the rest of the
listers. It's just you got my dander up and I should not let this happen,
but I am afraid it has. My upbringing has always been to “love my neighbour”
but in this case, this belief is being severely tested. I also would like to
apologize to the listuncle regarding this post but I felt that I must reply
on this subject in this format. In closing, I respectfully request that if
you have anything else to say to me then I would appreciate that it be said
to me personally at my home email address ( ) and
not on this list, where it should not have been in the first place.

Ronald Johnston, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

P.S. – In closing, Mister Taggart, in regards to my beleif's being tested, I
will follow the instructions given to me in the Lord’s Prayer, I will in
this instance “forgive your transgressions” :-))
May God Bless and I will probably TTYL

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> Hi Pauline
> Since I cannot read or write French this mite be not totally correct.
> However, I will post this to see just how close I can come to translating
> from French to English , if you dont mind.

I mind! I am fluent in English, in French and in Latin, and "if you don't
mind", if you cannot read or write French, please don't bother testing your
lack of knowledge, comprehension and good judgement on the regular posters
this list.

Fr Owen Taggart


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