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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Pawtucket Church
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 22:37:26 -0400

Hi Jim, Linda, and List -

It seems that I am really out to lunch today -

Linda Morgan posted that message to the list
quite a while ago - I found it in the list archives,
and was going to write to her to ask if someone had
responded to her question. Then I got sidetracked
as usual, and ended up leaving her message tacked
on to the end of another, totally (well almost totally)
unrelated message.

Apparently it was out of the viewing area of my
screen so I didn't notice it was still there.

I usually read all my outgoing mail a 2nd time to be sure
it makes sense, however, my son and his friend were
hiding under my desk, so I just hit the send button, and
got the heck out of there.

Once again, my apologies to everyone.


On Sun, 8 Sep 2002 15:51:29 EDT writes:
> I grew up in Pawtucket way back when.................... Attended
> Catholic
> School there for a few years.
> Pawtucket had another French Catholic Church called Saint Cecilia's.
> It is
> located near the corners of Central Avenue and Newport Avenue.
> My mother liked to go there when I was a child. I usually went to
> Saint Leo's
> just a block away because I never learned French.
> I know Saint Cecilia's is in book form here in Salt Lake so if you
> don't get
> a reply on the other let me know and I'll look it up on Tuesday.
> Jim Morgan
> Salt Lake City
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> From: "Linda Morgan" <>
> To:
> Message-ID: <001301c1c523$0702b630$>
> Subject: [Q-R] Pawtucket RI help
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> charset="iso-8859-1"
> Wondering if anyone has access to the book PAWTUCKET: St John the
> Baptiste, RC Church, marriages (1884-1988) Looking for possible
> marriage
> of Theodore Fournier and Rose Couture both born in Quebec.
> Thank you very much
> Linda Morgan
> Brookings, OR
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