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From: Tom LaPorte <>
Subject: RE: [Q-R] ListUncle
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 11:12:06 -0500

I'm new to this list but it is the best source for figuring out my ancestors
I have found so I feel I should echo these comments. The cooperation and
knowledge of its members is astounding but I have been somewhat jarred by
some of the sniping so I see where these comments are coming from. Please
take such personal issues out of the mailing list. Just respond to the
individual and get them pissed off with you if you want but leave the rest
of us in the spirit of friendly cooperation.

One question for the organizers. I thought the emailing to the entire list
was done just to find out who can help you and then the detailed discussion
was normally just between the individuals. I know some people like to see
anything about the Quebec story but I find I have to delete about 19 out of
every 20 messages to get to what I'm looking for. I wish I had the time to
read them all but I don't. I guess lots of people do want to look at all of
them though??

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Subject: [Q-R] ListUncle

Hi folks, when my kids were small, I'd always tell them a bedtime story,
tonight, I have one for you....:-)

Once upon a time, in a land far across the sea, there lived an OLD
once, we was VERY new to genealogy, and the Internet, he knew a LOT about
his English ancestors,
and was very proud of that heritage, but he knew NOTHING about his fathers
one day he found a Quebec list on the Internet, and subscribed, he asked a
LOT of silly questions,
and got a LOT of wonderful answers, NormCaz, and BestBill, and many others
took time out of their lives to help, they NEVER told him how silly his
questions were, or told him that he phrased his questions wrong, they just
patiently looked up answers for him, and many others..

When that list became available (Hi LP), he took it over to preserve it's
unique character...
When that server became unstable (Hi Randy), he created Quebec-research-L...

He tried to stay in the shadows, like his predecessor, but that didn't work
out, specially when he added a web page and photo albums..

That new list was very friendly at first, lotta chatter, get-togethers,
pictures, etc...Lotta newbies began to learn about their Quebecois
ancestors..He liked that, for folks who needed a more "focused" list,
Quebec-L existed/exists to fill that void...

But in the beginning, he NEVER heard folks criticizing each other,
suggesting that answers were changed, or that particular sources were too
flawed to be trusted, ALL of us should be checking our data, probably for
the rest of our lives, and the generations after us will probably keep on
doing that...

If I do a lookup for you, taking time out of my busy day, I would NOT want
to hear it suggested that I intentionally misrepresented that data, I would
NOT want to hear that my source was flawed, as has been pointed out many
times, ALL sources are flawed one way or another, this is a VOLUNTEER list,
no one get paid, good will is our ONLY tangible commodity, we all learn
together, I've learned so much,
and I've had such fun, but there are too many hurt feelings out there, I
want it to stop, if you're a Boy Scout, and the Old Lady doesn't WANT to
cross the street, please don't try to make her.

I fear I'm going to be quicker on the trigger from now on, I very much miss
the years when there was no one in the BlackList file...

I want to publicly thank Bill Flemming and Norm Cazavan and LP Hemond and
Renee Cummings, and many many others for their help, support, confidence,
and patience as I learned this job...

Regards, Fred V Provoncha, ListUncle

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