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[tué par les Iroquois].

Killed by the Mohawks
All Mohawks are Iroquois, but not all Iroquois are Mohawks. The Long House
Confederation includes the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas.
The original excerpt from Annette did not specify a time period, but I'd
warrant that it was within 50 years after the Iroquois Confederation, the
Abenaki Confederation, the Huron-Wendat Confederation, and the Lakota Sioux
got together in Montreal under the auspices of Governor Calliere to sign the
Great Peace of 1701. All that effort by René Tischenne-Chioui and his
co-signers gone to waste in half a century. For shame! But my British
ancestors were encouraging the Iroquois on one side, and my French ancestors
were encouraging the Huron/Wendats on the other, during that Seven Years War
that changed the course of history in North America at least as much as it
change the course of history in Europe.

Listening to my ancestors mourn, tonight. And the ancestors of my cousins as

Fr. Owen Taggart

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