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From: Frances LaChance <>
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 20:28:13 -0400
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Hi Renee;
I think that story has been pretty well discounted about Francois. There is an active Savoie site which I can't put my fingers on right now
where you could probably get the correct facts. I think the moderator is Debbie Guilini but I can't find her email address either. I know so
little, I wonder why I'm replying. ;0)

Whoops: just found it: There is also a Savoie forum at in which Debbie is quite

(I, too, am descended from Francois & Catherine)


Renee Cummings wrote:

> A friend send me this question!
> Anyone ever research Francois SAVOYE & Catherine LEJEUNE mar.1652 Port Royal
> Acadia. It is said that he is the son of Tomaso Francesco de Savoy & Marie
> de Soissons de Bourbon mar 14 April 1625 in Paris France, but Francois was
> born in 1621 Turin, Piedmont, Savoy, Italy. The story is that he's their
> illegitimate son , the Savoye is a royal
>'s never been proven that he is their son...but info saying so was
> found from more than one source.
> Would some one have the exact marriage date for Francois & Catherine and
> maybe the parents.
> While the had many children only one son, Germain, would carry on the Savoie
> name (in Acadia).
> Thanks for your help
> Renée

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