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Subject: [Q-R] Voyagers
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 00:29:08 EDT

Hello Everyone

I'm getting a little confused about the differences between voyagers and
fur traders. It seems that voyagers are canoeists. But it also seems like
fur traders or people who go into the wilderness are also called voyagers.
If you saw " Michel Curot, of the XY Company, traveled the Yellow River in
1803 with Jean Connor, John Smith, etc. " would you think Jean was a fur
trader, canoeist, or other ? Michel also sent Jean and another man to
various posts to do things so it appears that they did more than paddle the
I'm Googling and reading lots about the fur trade. But if anyone runs
across a mail discussion group or someone who is an expert on the fur trade,
please let me know.

Sue in Florida

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