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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Is Ruel the same as Riel?
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 20:03:02 -0400
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the names Ruel and Rué are also in Tanguay. Only one Rué but several
Ruel.with variation, Rel, Ruais, Ruest, Ruelle, Dreville, Sansoucy and St.
As for Riel the variations are Rél, Rel, Delorme. L'Irlande and Sansoucy.
good luck
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Subject: [Q-R] Is Ruel the same as Riel?

> Hello,
> I am really new to Quebec research. It is possible that one of my
ancestor's names is Ruel. In searchng, I have found "Ruel/Rue" and also
"Riel"...are these the same surnames?
> Thank you,
> Laura Callier

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