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From: "Donna Setunsky" <>
Subject: Fw: [Q-R] 1881 census search capabilities
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 22:27:58 -0600

You can also do a neighbor hood search if uncertain to the spelling or just
want to browse. If you like this census, they also sell the 1880 US census.
About 40-50 CD's (I forget) all in a binder like the one for Canada only a
bigger binder. Really nicely done. Runs the same way as the Canadian census
with the same viewer. It was less than $50. Rather cheap and no shipping
and handling. Wish they would come out with more like that!!

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Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 11:32 AM
Subject: [Q-R] 1881 census search capabilities

For those who own a copy of it, I have discovered the amazing search
capabilities of the 1881 census.

Here are some of the searches I have performed recently:
1. surname only
2. surname with birth year
3. surname and whether male or female; selecting "male" helps when searching
for heads of households.
4. surname with province (where they were living at time of census), AND
birth year AND whether male or female.
5. surname with a wildcard, i.e., Wag*ner or Mador* , will give you all the
spelling variations. And you can still narrow it down by selecting and/or
entering data in any of the categories listed above.
6. no surname, and ethnic origin and location--I would not try this with
"French" or "Irish" :-)

As far as I can tell the software has been designed to spit out the "normal"
name variations for surnames.

Has anyone else found a search capability that I haven't mentioned?


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