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Sorry folks, haven't been on the list in a year or so, and didn't realize that my response to Gary's message went only to him - so here is how I feel about sharing.........ask anyone who has previously corresponded with me and you'll know that I most definitely share info.

So here is my response from early this AM to Gary's comment.......

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Morning Gary - I'm with you perfectly and I'm a big advocate of posting and much prefer information being made available to everyone. That is why a few of us have started the Clinton County website, so when we do extensive family "piecing" for someone with ties to the county, it gets posted in one place. When I get e-mails for look-ups for the county, I request the people to post the info or I inform them that I will be posting it on the forum and please check there.

Have a great day,

****And this is what I have received so far from the numerous offers:

This is from the Couture CD researched by Suzanne Couture Oliveri

Children of Andre COUTURE married to Marie CORRIVEAU:
1. Marguerite Couture . she married Edouard Demers June 3, 1831 in Napierville
2. Andre Couture . He married Christine Pitre sept 23 1834 in St Cyprien, Napierville. She was the daughter of Louis Pitre and Louise Tremblay.
They had 1 child: Andre Couture. He married Marie Hermine Brouillet Oct 9 1855 in St Remi Napierville. She was the daughter of Jean Baptiste Brouillet and Claire Lamarre
3. Isidore Couture. He married Mathilda Santoire Jan 15 1850 in St Remi, Napierville. she was the daughter of Toussaint Santoire and Marie Rheaume. They had one child: Lina Couture. She married Jean Baptiste Belanger Jun 2 1873 in Ellenburg, RI. He was the son of Jean Baptiste Belanger and Marie L. Gauthier.

And this other one:

Andre's parents were Andre Antoine Couture and Marie Francoise Picard. He was born in 1740. They were married Nov. 10, 1766 in St. Pierre Rive Sud, Montmagny. She was born in 1746 daughter of Louis Augustin Picard and Marie Francoise Langlois. Marie Corriveau was the daughter of Pierre Corriveau and Marguerite Crevier. hopes this helps

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