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Subject: Re: [Q-R] ListUncle
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 00:47:16 EST

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<< Odena Chartier Gareau is the only one I have. I wasn't hiding it, honest I
wasn't...please don't put me in "time-out". <grin> This was sent to me by a
gal from GenForum, and all I have are estimated dates for her of 1855-1899.
No source information <ok, for that I go to the "time-out" chair> but please
forgive me, I was just beginning and knew nothing. Her parents were Moise
Chartier and Rosalie Goyette. Where the name Gareau came from, for her, I
have no idea. >>

Hi Ann,

I don't have your people but can take a really good guess as to where the
name GAREAU comes from for Odina.

In my file I have:

Jean-Baptiste Gareau (Jean-Baptiste Tondu-dit-St-Onge & Marie-Angélique

m. 24 Aug. 1807 @ St-Joseph-de-Chambly

Marie-Françoise Chartier-dit-Bénac (Joseph-Marie Chartier-dit-Benac &
Marie-Jeanne Jacques)

There is definitely a connection of sorts between those two names and she
could very well be a descendant of theirs.


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