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From: Ellen <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Re: Canada not foriegn country!
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 18:00:29 -0800
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Unfortunately, it is not an imaginary line in the dirt...

Up in here NE Washington State we have a swath cut through the forest between our two nations... a very noticable scar upon the land in
a perfectly straight line... worse then a power line right of way. Now the International Border Committee wants us (the USDA Forest
Service) to thin back from the border strip another "x" number of feet in addition since 9/11. The International Border Committee is
made up of 6 agencies (3 on each side). We have many forest roads and paths that slip into and out of Canada, and many are under
survellience for drug traffic! As a result, one of our forestry crews got caught on the Canadian side (it was easier to access a
particular piece of ground from that road than hike from the US side some 10 miles). They had parked on the Canadian side and walked
back into the US. When they returned to their rig, there was the Canadian equivilance to the US Border Patrol. He confiscated their
(govt) rig.... It was a mess, but the Forest sure learned a lot about what we need to do if a crew needs to do that again.... basically
get permission from and/or notify all 6 agencies!

Now, we are starting have problems with cows grazing on the US side crossing into Canada... use to be it was no big deal... but now it's
another issue...

So close, but so far! Fortunately at the official border crossings, it is much easier to cross. Ellen

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