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Father Owen,

I recently had to ask someone with whom I'd shared family information to
take my husband's, son's and my personal data off a website where he had
(without our permission) posted it with the rest of the genealogy I'd given
him. My fears were exactly what you expressed, and yet, in this instance, I
never gave a thought to the archives being there forever and the possibility
of someone mis-using our personal information shared among friends on the

Thanks for being the "wise one" in this group. (Not to be misconstrued as
"wise guy"!)


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> I don't want to be left out!
> To keep it genealogical, while looking at the Labourliere dit Laplante
> again (thanks to Norm and Linnie) I found a birthday AND name twin among
> ancestors.
> Marie Therese Labourliere dit Laplante, b. Aug 5, 1704.
> Mary Theresa Arikian Chaplain, b. Aug 5, 1953.

I want to be left out!

The Q-R List is a wonderful forum for the exchange of genealogical data.
Since I have been posting here, I have learned that I am a blood relative of
many of the other regular posters. I would like to share with you the names
of several couples, and ask you, if you are also descended from one or
another of these couples, to send me your line, and I will send you mine.

François-Michel Messier-St Michel & Marie-Josephe Guyon-Dion-Buisson
Jean-Baptiste-Gabriel Levasseur-Belisle-Lamarre & Marie-Élisabeth
Gabriel Gosselin & Marie-Geneviève Crépeau
Germain Dionne-Sansoucy-Guyon & Marie-Louise Bernier-Jean de Paris
Louis Guyon-Buisson-Dion & Marie-Anne Gamache
Joseph-Jacques Payan-St Onge & Marie-Jeanne Legris-Lépine
Pierre Lériger Laplante & Marie-Louise Hubert-Lacroix
Antoine Caillé-Biscornet-Brûlefer & Jeanne-Françoise Bétourné-Laviolette
Jean-Baptiste Deniau & Marie-Anne Benoît-Livernois
Michel Lonquetin-Jérôme & Marie-Charlotte Bertrand
Pierre-François Lamarque-Sansoucy & Marie-Marguerite Mesnil
Pierre Baret-Courville & Marie Caillé-Biscornet-Brûlefer
Pierre Caillé-Biscornet-Brûlefer & Marie Brunet-Bourbonnais
René Dupuis & Angélique-Marie Marié-Ste Marie
Pierre Roy & Marie-Angélique Faye-Lafayette

If I do send you my lines, I will not include my own name and birth date,
will I share the names and birthdates of my mother and father. If I need to
identify myself to my Internet Service Provider, or to my on-line bank
teller, the two pieces of personal information I will be asked to furnish,
identify myself are 1) my birth date and year, and 2) my mother's maiden
name. I will ask you to do likewise. If I know your name, your birth date,
and your mother's maiden name, and I read your screen name and ISP in the
"From" frame of your e-mail, there's all kinds of interesting things I could
do with that information!

Fr Owen Taggart (not my real name!)

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