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From: "Linda Maitland" <>
Subject: RE: [Q-R] Frederick Miller Lallemand/Charlotte Bertrand Desrochers
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 23:11:36 -0800
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Hi Elizabeth,

There is a Frederick Miller listed in the "Register of German Military
Men Who Remained in Canada" in John Merz's book "The Hessians of
Quebec". This Frederick Miller married in 1787 in Montreal, so he may
not be the one you're looking for, but, then again, maybe this was a
second marriage. However, when it comes to German settlers in Quebec,
John Merz, the listowner of the 'other' Quebec list, and other listers
on that list are the ones who will have answers for you. If you've
never been on that list before, lurk awhile before posting; it has very
strick rules.

Good luck,
Linda Maguire Maitland
Vancouver, BC

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> Subject: [Q-R] Frederick Miller Lallemand/Charlotte Bertrand
> Desrochers
> I am in need of information regarding a Frederick Miller and
> a Charlotte Bertrand and their daughter Felicite, who married
> Francois Raymond Feb. 2, 1801 in Longueuil.
> I found a baptism certificate for a Felicite Miller in the
> PRDH database (11-7-1783, Chambly). The parents are listed
> as Frederick Miller Lallemand and Charlotte Bertrand. This
> may be the family I am looking for despite the discrepancy in
> the father's name.
> The PRDH also has a couple record (but no family record) for
> a Frederick Miller Lallemand and a Marie Charlotte Bertrand
> Desrochers (married 5-14-1770 in Chambly). So another
> discrepancy, this time in the mother's name. There is no
> family record for this couple, only a couple record with one
> daughter listed (Charlotte, not Felicite).
> The trail for Frederick goes cold with his parents, who are
> listed as Frederick Miller and Marie Ann Lan (married before
> 12-31-1760).
> If anyone has any information about any of these people I
> would be so grateful to hear from you.
> Also, the surname of Miller seems so English, rather than
> French. I understand that there was a British occupation
> during those times. Perhaps, Frederick conquered a woman's
> heart rather than a country and decided to reside in his lady
> love's country. But then, that romantic scenario doesn't
> account for the "Lallemand." If anyone has any understanding
> about this, I would love to know that, too.
> Thank you very much (in advance), Elizabeth

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