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From: "Kackie Brubaker" <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Rang-Range # 9, Hereford and Hatley
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 04:11:20 +0000

Hello Teresa and Robert,
When I read your email on the Hatley location, my interest spark,
then I really took notice with Judith's maiden name of
Woodward. I recently joined this list because my research has
led me to Hatley, as the birth place of my ancestor, Harry Woodward.
Could it be possible that you have some knowledge of the Woodward
line in this region?
Harry is my great-grandfather. His father was William and mother
was Hannah, I believe her maiden name was Clifford. Harry was
born in either 1846-48. That is all I know so far. I found the
birthplace data on a marriage record from Boston.
I know nothing of Hatley, I have microfilm for the 1871 census
and Quebec marriage bonds waiting for me at my local FHL on tuesday.
I didn't know what other records to start with for Hatley and thought
this would be a good place as any to start looking for his family.
I would love to hear any clues you would be willing to share with
Thank You,
Kackie Brubaker

The second location comes from the 1861 Census. District 3, Township of
Hatley, County of Stanstead, page 125.

Franklin (Frank) Hawse, age 56
Judith (Woodward) Hawse, age 45
Lucy, age 26 (Mrs. Joseph Henry)
William, age 21 (my lost great grandfather)
Wright, age 16
Mariah, age 10
Mary, age 4 (Mrs. S.C. Wilson)

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