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From: Roch St-Pierre <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Question - Beauregard
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 19:34:09 -0800
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Hi! Doris,
the children of Jean-Baptiste Jarret-Beauregard and Genevieve Dalpe
as I just double cheked my books they were born in
"Contrecoeur St-Roch-sur-Richelieu": possible that the son Jean-Baptiste
was not born in St-Roch-sur-Richelieu ?. Jean-Baptiste is not in my book.
If I knew the area I would lookit up.


Bill in November you sent me the parents of Jean Baptiste Jarret-Beauregard
as Jean Baptiste Jarret and Genevieve Dalpe.

Roch you sent me the children of Jean Baptiste Beauregard and Genevieve Dalpe
Anna Beauregard
Cesarie Beauregard
Denise Beauregard
Joseph Beauregard

There is no Jean Baptiste Jarret-Beauregard

Can either of you help me with this??

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