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Subject: [Q-R] Fw: Rev. Thomas Beals -- grandson Jeremiah Mills
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Sorry to have taken so long to respond to your query. I have the "Mills Family History, Quaker and Other Early Arrivals" compiled by Paul Mills. There are several exerpts from the journal of Jeremiah Mills' journal but none with the statement you are looking for. It does state that James Bellarts printed an article in his magazine on the Mills family, from which several quotes from Jeremiah Mills journal are taken. I have pretty much the entire collection of said James Bellarts, but it is in news letter format and I don't own the index. It will take some time to read thru and try to find if this information is contained in it. Will get back to you. Joan Whitney PS. This book was by Paul Mills 808 Corby Street Woodburn, Oregon 97071 I have had it many years and do not know if the above is still reachable at this address or if he is even alive.
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Subject: Rev. Thomas Beals -- grandson Jeremiah Mills


I was thrilled to see your post on Quaker-Roots this evening. I am trying to locate the source for information that Rev. Thomas Beals delivered sermons to soldiers during in the Revolutionary War. I found information that grandson, Jeremiah Mills wrote a journal and am hoping that may be the source. If your offer to do a look up in your books still holds, I'd be very pleased if you could see if you can find the source for the following information:

"In 1775, Thomas traveled into Shawnee territory with Boawater Sumner, William Hiatt and David Ballard. During their journey, they were arrested and carried back to the fort near Clinch Mt., VA confederates with the hostile Indians. The officers, understanding that one of them was a preacher, required a sermon before they went in for the trail. Beals thought it right to hold a meting with _?___. A young man (Beverly Milner) then in the fort was converted and, some time after, moved among Friends and became a member and, at a very advanced age, bore public testimony to the tuth [sic] fort." He later settled near the Beals family in Ohio and in his later years, after he became too feeble to attend Meeting, he often alluded to the ministry of that "heavenly man by whom he was almost 87 and was burned at Fairfield, Ohio. He was the great grandfather of Clyde A. Milner, later President of Guilford College in NC

After this meeting was over, the Friends kindly entertained and were free and at liberty to go on their journey. They crossed the Ohio River south of Fort Duquesne (now Pittsburg PA) into wh 9 [sic] whit Chief Tecumsceh and Waw-wil-a-way and held many meetings with the Indians with satisfaction and returned home with much peace of mind. Thomas Beals told his friends that he saw with his sp that good land and that one day there would be the greatest gathering of Friends there of any place in the world and that his faith was strong in the belief that he would live to see Friends."

This doesn't appear to be an exact quote but if the information was gleaned from one of your sources it should be obvious.

Thank you for your time.

Zipra Morgan

Direct descendant of Rev. Thomas Beals

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