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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Charity Hollingsworth m Jonathan Cox-Miami MM
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 15:35:14 -0600
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Thank you so much. This gives me more details. I had heard that Jonathan had been
challenged in Ohio and that all he had to do was claim responsibility and apologize but
that he didn't feel that he was in the wrong and would not admit anything he felt he
didn't do. This was about the time many of the Hinshaw, Cox, and Hollingsworth families
were moving west to IN and IL. I have never found the details.
The information helps me trace their movement and now I can start looking for more
details. A problem is with the names John and Jonathan Cox in each generation! Jonathan
Cox died in 1829 in Warren Co IN. His wife Charity was the adminitrator of his estate but
remarried to Mr Monroe. He may have died also as I found a later marriage record for
Charity Monroe just a few years later. I have never found a tombstone or cenus record for
her after her remarriage. I never found any record for her being disowned for marrying
out either. John Cox died in Warren Co IN about 1834-5 and also had a lengthy probate
file. I think some of the records have since been confused. I was able to determine that
Jonathan Cox had a mill on his land. His son Jonathan was mentioned in Charity's
admission to Vermilion Grove meeting. From later census records I learned that Jonathan
and Prudence Mickle Cox also had sons John Joseph and William. Again I don't know what
happened to William but John and Joseph both moved to Pulaski Co IN and served in the
Civil war. John was director of the Pulaski Co Farm for many years. Joseph m. Katy Ann
(Catherine Ann) Phillips whose grandparents had also lived near Frederick Co/ Hampshire Co
VA in 1700's. For the record, Josephs' youngest daughter, Mathilda "Tillie Jane Cox" m.
Earl Maskel and moved back to Vermilion Co IL and was very active in the Georgetown
Friends Church. I don't know that she knew that her ancestors had been pioneer member of
the local Friends movement. When I was a child visiting her home I kept very quiet but oh
how I wish now that I had asked many questions!
Joseph's granddaughter, Catherine Cox Stackhouse, was a Methodist missionary to Africa.

About the records flooding, this area is in the Wabash River Valley. S. Vermilion co
IL/IN and Parke Co IN have a rich Quaker heritage. I grew up here and had no idea that I
had history in the local Friends community! Unlike other denominations, many of the old
Friends meetings are still active. The Georgetown church has recently gone back to
traditional "quiet" meetings on Sunday evenings.


> Concerning Jo Ann Reynold's query relating to Charity Hollingsworth who
> married Jonathan Cox. ---- Yesterday I was shopping in Des Moines and had
> opportunity to do a little research at the genealogical libraries there, consulting
> particularly the Hinshaw and Heiss abstracted Quaker records. I believe that I
> can trace most of the thread concerning Jonathan Cox and Charity Hollingsworth
> and family, as available in Quaker records. It is not entirely a pleasant
> narrative, but I will try to sketch it as best I can:
> The abstracted record from Miami MM, Ohio is as follows:
> 1813-9mo-1 Jonathan Cox , son of Jonathan and Mary Cox, Montgomery
> County, OH m at Hopewell, Charity Hollingsworth, dau of John and Rachel.
> ------Jonathan Cox and ch. Sarah, John, Mary & Elizabeth had been received
> into membership by request at Bush River MM, S.C. in 11 mo. 1791. I do not know
> Jonathan's parentage or that of his wife. Perhaps Mary was already a member
> of Friends in 1791. On 9 mo 12, 1805, Jonathan Cox and wife Mary, and ch.
> John, Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, Joseph, and Susanna were received into
> membership by Miami MM by a certificate from Bush River dated 2 mo. 23, 1805.
> ------- John Hollingsworth, father of Charity Hollingsworth, appears to have
> been a son of George Hollingsworth by his second marriage, his marriage to
> Jane, whose maiden name might have been Carter. Perhaps she had been first
> married to ____ Elwell. George Hollingsworth had first married Hannah McKay (or
> McCoy). He had a total of about sixteen children, all but one of whom
> accompanied him from Winchester, VA to the Bush River settlement ca. 1767 or were born
> after the family arrived there.---- John Hollingsworth married Rachel Wright
> under the care of Bush River MM on 3 mo..12, 1789. Rachel Wright was a daughter
> of Joseph Wright and Charity Wells. Joseph Wright appears to have been a son
> of John Wright and Rachel Wells.
> On 6 mo 28, 1815 Charity (Hollingsworth) Cox was granted a certificate
> to West Branch MM by Miami MM, Ohio. On 4 mo. 27, 1816 this certificate was
> received by Mill Creek MM, Ohio, endorsed by West Branch MM.
> On 9 mo. 25, 1819, Jonathan Cox and family were granted a certificate
> from Mill Creek MM to Springfield MM, IN.
> On 5 mo. 12, 1824 Jonathan Cox was reported in Springfield MM for
> practicing fraud and untruthfulness. West Branch MM was requested to treat with
> Jonathan Cox concerning this report. On 4-13-1825 West Branch MM reported to
> Springfield MM no satisfaction in dealing with Johnathan Cox. On 5 mo. 11,
> 1825 Jonathan Cox was disowned by Springfield MM fror practicining fraud and
> untruthfulness.
> On 12 mo. 2, 1826 Charity Cox and ch. Susanna, Mary, John, Joseph, and
> William were received into membership by certificate by Vermilion MM, IL from
> Springfield MM, IN.
> On 1 mo. 14, 1832 Joseph, John, and William Cox, sons of Charity, and
> Susanna and Mary Cox, daughters of Charity, were received into membership by
> Sugar River MM from Vermilion MM held at Elwood, IL. ----- Sugar River MM
> seemed to be centered five miles northeast of Crawfordsville, IN in what is
> now Montgomery County, IN. The records of Sugar River MM were stored in the
> basement of a bank at Thornton or Darlington, IN and were destroyed by a flood.
> This was evidently after about 1935-1940, when the records had been abstracted
> under the direction of William Wade Hinshaw, so the abstracts remain.
> On 5 mo. 25, 1839 Susanna Mathon (sp?) (formerly Cox) was disowned by
> Sugar Rover MM for marriage contrary to the discipline. On 6 mo. 29, 1839
> John Cox was disowned by Sugar River MM for the same reason. On 7-27-1839 Joseph
> Cox was disowned. I believe that Mary Cox was also disowned about this time.
> There seems to be no farther mention of the brother, William. Perhaps he
> did not survive childhood.
> Jo Ann Reynolds has reported that Jonathan Cox died in Warren County,
> IN in 1829 and his estate was probated there in 1830.
> In perusing the internet, I have found a record that John Monroe
> married Charity (Hollingsworth) Cox on May 20, 1831 in Warren County, IN.
> The records of the Friends Meetings in Iowa were not all abstracted
> under the direction of William Wade Hinshaw and the abstracts that have been
> published have not been indexed, but I have leafed through the abstracts of most
> of the oldest and largest of the Iowa Monthly Meetings and find no records
> which seem to pertain to this family.
> It is my inclination to believe that Charity (Hollingsworth) (Cox)
> Monroe was disowned by Vermilion MM after her second marriage, and the record of
> the disownment has not been preserved. It is likely that John Monroe was not
> a member of Friends. The family then moved to Montgomery County, IN. In
> order to clear their books, Vermilion MM forwarded certificates of membership for
> the children to Sugar River MM, the closest MM to where they had moved. It
> may be that, ca. 1839, Sugar River MM also decided to tidy up their membership
> records, and discovering that several of the Cox children had married out or
> were no longer attending Meeting, they were accordingly disowned, although they
> may have married some years previously. It may be that some had moved to Iowa
> or elsewhere in the West.
> Since Jonathan Cox and Charity Hollingsworth were married in 1813, it
> is likely that the oldest child was born no earlier than 1814. I do not know
> the birth order. If the son John was the oldest and was born in 1814, he
> would have possibly married in 1834.
> It would seem best to examine birth, death, and marriage records, and
> perhaps land records for Montgomery County, IN for traces of what happened to
> this family. I'm afraid they dropped out of the Quaker picture by about 1840.
> - Herbert Standing, Earlham, Iowa.
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