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Robin & List -

Joseph Smith, of Warrington twp, York co,PA, son of John Smith, dec'd,
married 7 Dec 1752 to Rachel Beals, of Huntington twp, York co,PA, dau
of Jacob Beals, at Huntington MH, under auspices of Warrington MM.

On 20 Jun 1765 Joseph Smith & hw Rachel & children Isaac, Jacob, Abraham,
Nathan, Seth, and Levy, were received at Clifts MM, Calvert co,MD, on certificate
from Warrington MM, York co,PA.

On 5 Jun 1775 Joseph Smith & hw Rachel & children were received at
Hopewell MM, Frederick co,VA, on certificate from West River MM,
Anne Arundel co,MD.

I have seen no definitive proof of the parentage of Seth Smith of Ohio
but a good circumstantial case can be made that Joseph Smith & Rachel Beals
are his parents. This is supported by the IGI, reference FHL 538565.

According to some researchers the family of Joseph Smith & Rachel Beals
consisted of Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Nathan, Seth, William, Caleb, Levi,
Mary, & George.

Marriages of the following children are recorded at Hopewell MM in the EAQG:

15 Aug 1776 Jacob Smith marr. Patience Ballinger, dau of Josiah & Elizabeth,
of Frederick co,VA
8 Jan 1778 Isaac Smith marr. Mary Allen, dau of Jackson & Betty, of Dinsmore
16 Oct 1783 Abraham Smith marr. Martha Payne, dau of George [& Rachel], of
Berkley co,VA
4 Jun 1789 Levi Smith marr. Alice Payne, dau of George & Rachel, of Berkley
17 Feb 1791 William Smith marr. Hannah Thompson, dau of William & Elizabeth,
of Frederick co,VA
9 Apr 1807 Mary Smith marr. John Griffith, of Ross co,OH, son of William &
Joanna, both dec'd
13 May 1813 Levi Smith marr. 2ndly Mary Rees, dau of David & Martha, dec'd,
of Berkley co,VA
21 Sep 1826 Levi Smith marr. 3rdly Mary Hackney, dau of Joseph, dec'd, & Martha,
of Frederick co,VA

Clearly from the EAQG Seth's brothers Abraham and William Smith were also members
of Newhope MM, Greene co,TN. Part of my interests lie in the fact that Hannah
dau of Abraham Smith & Martha Payne, married Samuel Stanfield (c1788-1835) and
named her two oldest children Abraham Smith Stanfield (c1809-aft.1860) and Martha
Payne Stanfield (1811-1887). This group was a part of the Quaker Migration to
from Greene co,TN. The Stanfields settled originally in Edgar co,IL with some
going on
to Marion co,IA.

A name sake of this Seth Smith was Seth Smith Littler, b.20 Feb 1804, Highland
d.18 Oct 1827, Fulton co,IL. The latter married Fanny Brown, 15 Apr 1823,
Fayette co,OH.
Their only known son was Nathan Littler (1825-1888), onetime member of the Iowa
Seth Smith Littler was the son of Samuel Littler (1773-1827) & Sarah Stanfield
This Samuel Littler is thought to have been a cousin to Seth Smith. Sarah
Stanfield was a
cousin to the Stanfields that came to Edgar co,IL.

The following Family Group Sheet is from my Littler Quaker Database. This info
has not been as thoroughly researched as I would prefer, so this is "for what it
is worth":

23 Aug 2003 Family Group Sheet
Husband: Seth Smith #971
Born: 19 May 1761 in: York co, PA
Died: 1 Apr 1837 in: Clarke co,OH
Father: Joseph Smith #979
Mother: Rachel Beals #980
-Genealogical data in part per Ancestral File
-Hopewell MM, Frederick co,VA on 7 May 1787 Seth reported for civil
marr.(mcd); disowned
-Hopewell MM on 28 Sep 1795 Seth restored, committee appointed to prepare
a cert to New Hope MM [TN]; on 2 Nov 1795 Seth granted certificate to
Newhope MM, South West Territory
-Newhope MM, Greene co,TN on 26 Dec 1795 Seth received on certificate
from Hopewell MM [VA] dated 2 Nov 1795
-Newhope MM on 18 Feb 1815 Seth granted certificate to Caesars Creek MM,OH
-Caesars Creek MM, Clinton co,OH on 28 Jul 1815 Seth received on
certificate from Newhope MM,TN dated 8 Feb 1815
-Green Plain MM set off from Caesars Creek MM,OH in 1821
Wife: Elizabeth Littler #970
Married: abt 1787 in: Frederick co, VA
Born: 9 Apr 1769 in: Frederick co, VA
Died: 7 Apr 1842 in: Clarke co,OH
Father: Samuel Littler #790
Mother: Margaret Dragoo #800
-Parentage is speculative
-Miami MM, Warren co,OH on 14 Feb 1805 Elizabeth Smith & 4 children
received on certificate from Newhope MM,TN dated 18 Aug 1804
-Fairfield MM set off from Miami MM,OH in 1807
-Fairfield MM, Highland co,OH on 25 Jul 1812 Elizabeth granted certificate
to Center MM
-Center MM, Clinton co,OH on 2 Jan 1813 Elizabeth & son Seth received on
certificate from Fairfield MM dated 25 Jul 1812; on 6 Nov 1813 endorsed
to Caesars Creek MM
-Caesars Creek MM, Clinton co,OH on 26 Feb 1814 Elizabeth Smith & son Seth
received on certificate from Fairfield MM dated 25 Jul 1812; endorsed by
Center MM on 6 Nov 1813
-Caesars Creek MM on 27 Dec 1819 Elizabeth disowned; on 27 Apr 1821 restored
F Child 1 Mary Smith #972
Born: abt 1788 in: Frederick co, VA
Died: in:
F Child 2 Rachel Smith #973
Born: 17 Jan 1790 in: Frederick co, VA
Died: 30 Apr 1859 in: Clinton co, OH
Spouse: Nathan Linton #981 b. 18 Jan 1778 d. 11 Jan 1858
Married: 31 Dec 1806 in: Miami MM, Warren co, OH
-Miami MM, Warren co,OH on 31 Dec 1806 Nathan Linton, son of Samuel &
Elizabeth, of Warren co,OH, marries at Lees Creek MH, Rachel Smith, dau
of Seth & Elizabeth, of Hiland co,OH
F Child 3 Ruth Smith #974
Born: abt 1793 in: Frederick co, VA
Died: in:
Spouse: Jephthah Johnson #982 b. 9 Jun 1783
Married: 11 Jan 1810 in: Fairfield MM, Highland co,OH
-Fairfield MM, Highland co,OH on 11 Jan 1810 Jephthah Johnson, son of
Ashley & Mildred, of Highland co,OH, marries at Walnut Creek MH, Ruth
Smith, dau of Seth & Elizabeth, of Highland co,OH
-Caesars Creek MM, Clinton co,OH on 30 Dec 1814 Ruth & dau Elizabeth
received on certificate from Fairfield MM dated 26 Mar 1814
M Child 4 Seth Smith #975
Born: abt 1796 in: Greene co, TN
Died: in:
Spouse: Deborah Wildman #984
Married: 25 Feb 1824 in: Green Plain MM, Clarke co,OH
Spouse: Anne Wickersham #986 b. 23 Oct 1809
Married: 21 Jun 1860 in: Center MM, Clinton co, OH
-Green Plain MM, Clarke co,OH on 25 Feb 1824 Seth Smith, son of Seth &
Elizabeth, of Clark co,OH, marries in Green Plain MH, Deborah Wildman,
dau of John & Elizabeth, of Clark co,OH
-Center MM, Clinton co,OH on 13 Jun 1860 Seth produces certificate from
Green Plain MM to marry Anna Hollingsworth; on 21 Jun 1860 Seth Smith,
son of Seth & Elizabeth, both dec'd, of Clark co,OH, marries in Chester MH,
Anne Hollingsworth, dau of Enoch & Margaret Wickersham, of Clinton co,OH

Regards, Jerry Richmond
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Subject: [Q-R] Seth Smith - 1800's VA/OH

Looking for information relating to

Seth SMITH (member of Hopewell VA MM) (b. 1787?)
son of Joseph SMITH & Rachel BEALS
married Elizabeth Littler

>From Quaker Ency.
in 1806 found in Highland Co. OH , I believe in
Fairfield Twp.

Rachel SMITH m. 1806 Nathan Linton in OH.
Ruth SMITH m. 1810 in OH.
other children????

I am wondering if Seth is related to either
Thomas SMITH or David SMITH; also found in
Fairfield Twp, OH. It is known that Thomas
SMITH was a Quaker.



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