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Subject: [Q-R] Lindley Cook of Nebraska Yearly Meeting, 1956
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 21:56:31 EDT

I came across some single pages from "Friends Journal" 1956-1958. One article
mentions a Lindley Cook of Nebraska Yearly Meeting. The article is dated
September 29, 1956.

The Missouri Valley Friends Conference, representing 11 independant Friends
Meetings from Minnesota to Oklahoma, met at the Y.W.C.A. camp near Boone,
Iowa, September 1, 2, and 3. About 100 persons were present at one or more
sessions, including, as visitors, Kenneth Boulding, Homer Coppock, Virginia
Williams of the Friends World Committee staff, John P. Williams, clerk of
Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative), Lindley Cook of Nebraska Yearly Meeting,
Jay Newlin of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Five Years), and others. Cornell Hewson
and Edgar Palmer were chosen to serve a second year as presiding clerk and
recording clerk, respectively. Homer Coppock stressed the concern of the
Friends World Committee that recognition of independant Meetings by that
Committee be considered a temporary status, a transition to affiliation with
a Yearly Meeting. Kenneth Boulding spoke with much power on the message of
Friends and the contribution of Rufus Jones in the remaking of
twentieth-century Quakerism.

The Conference adopted the following minute as a result of its deliberations
on the question on the continuation of the Conference or affiliation with
other Friends groups: "The Missiouri Valley Friends Conference, having
carefully considered the problems of its relationship with other Friends in
this region, believes that it should continue on the present basis until
prospects are favorable for a more general union of Friends in the area. It
wishes to encourage individual Meetings to affiliate with Yearly Meetings as
seems best to them, but hopes they will also retain interest in this
Conference. We hope an All Friends Conference can be held in this region
within the next few years. The Conference encourages intervisitaion among its
own Meetings and with other Friends."

Edgar Z. Palmer

Can anyone determine Lindley Cook's lineage?
Bob Cooke

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