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I think I can speak for others when I say that I would be interested
in hearing of your findings.
We know that the Quakers left Wales, Ireland and England to escape
heavy taxation and worship as they pleased in the "Atlantic colonies".
But in your studies, did you find there were other major reasons for
their seeking new horizons?

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Subject: [Q-R] I'm new here

> Dear list - I don't think I have any Quaker ancesters, but I am a
Quaker and
> have studied their history. I am currently working and live at a
> meeting house in the UK - I look after the building and the Meeting
> after me and my family (its a good deal).
> A while ago (1997) I did an MA looking at early Quakers who left
England to
> go to the Atlantic colonies during the 17th century - My reseach
> some of their motives for leaving everything behind to go to the
West Indies
> and the East coast of America.
> My research is over now and I miss my work, therefore hope to engage
with my
> interest through this list.
> Derek Timlett
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