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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Re: Conference on Quaker History and Genealogy
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 17:29:12 -0400
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I have participated in both the conference at Guilford College and the one
at Richmond. Both were wonderful experiences.

I am not a Quaker myself, but a long line of my ancestors were, many of whom
lived in Guilford, Alamance and Randolph counties of North Carolina before
moving to Indiana. I have learned so much about their lives and beliefs
through conferences such as these.

The conference at Guilford is a week long, with lectures in the morning and
field trips in the afternoon and evening. I met so many interesting and
informed people, attended an outdoor drama about Quaker history, visited
three Quaker meeting houses and burial grounds, even found the graves of
some of my ancestors.

We visited the Mendenhall Plantation in Jamestown, the site of an old
pottery kiln (still in operation), a museum of antiques (many of former
Quakers). Time was allotted for research at Guilford Quaker Collection,
which is outstanding. All of this in addition to presentations each day by
various experts in the field of Quaker history and genealogy.

If you would like to learn more about your Quaker ancestors and their lives,
this is the conference for you. There is much more to see in the area
around Guilford, so plan to spend extra time in the area if you can.

The conference at Richmond, Indiana is held in September and has been held
on Friday evening and Saturday, with time to research in the Quaker
Collection at Earlham College. Tom Hamm leads the conference and does a
wonderful job, presenting history, answering questions and guiding us in
research at the college. This is especially helpful to those who have
Indiana Quakers ancestors, but not limited to Indiana Quakers.

There was discussion of extending this conference for another day at the
last one. I do not know if that has been decided or not. This conference
is well worth the time.

I highly recommend both of these conferences

Janice Shives
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Subject: [Q-R] Re: Conference on Quaker History and Genealogy

> Some of us have taken part in "Exploring Carolina Quaker Crossroads,"
> a program on Quaker history and genealogy at Guilford College in
> Greensboro, N.C. It focuses on Quakers in the South. I am part of
> the staff for it. They are now taking registrations; you can get
> more information at
> www.guilford.edu/qcrossrd
> or by emailing .
> It's a good chance to learn more Quaker history with a group of
> experts, visit area Quaker sites, and take advantage of Guilford's
> excellent genealogical collections.
> Tom Hamm
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